Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My handsome little boy is too cute for his own good. I just had a parent teacher conference this last week and Carson is doing great in school...yay!! So his teacher pulled me aside and wanted me to know that Carson is the "heart throb" of his class. Awww... then she followed that sentence by saying "the girls are starting to FIGHT over him." I didn't quite know what to say. She said, "they are even turning in math papers with 'I love Carson H.' across them." I told her that I really don't know what to say and she said "he isn't doing anything wrong. He just wants to play motorcycles with Carson. E and Jake but the girls keep chasing him." I told her I had a similar situation happen in his preschool class. The two girls, referenced in the picture above, fought over Carson. So much so that one of the little girls got mad that Carson was sitting next to the other little girl and she picked something up and threw it at her...but the item hit Carson in the head instead and gave him a bruise!
 I'm not quite sure what his teacher wanted me to do if anything, but I'm glad to know that others think he is as sweet and handsome as I do. :-)
I love my little guy and I hope that I am getting through to him each day as we talk about him just being a little boy. I want him to just play motorcycles and football and whatever as long as he is just being a kid. I don't want him growing up too fast. These little girls are sure leaving quite an impression on his little mind!

Friday, April 22, 2011

One Year Older

I am thoroughly enjoying my new hobby of making thanks to all who have had birthdays! I made this guitar cake for my little brother. He is an awesome guitarist and I wanted to make him a special cake to represent his talent. Hope you had a great Birthday Cameron! Love Ya!

Friday, April 15, 2011

My friend Sharlee got married this last weekend. I mentioned in passing that I wanted to take some cake decorating classes and she decided it would be a fine idea for me to make her a wedding cake...YIKES! I was pretty nervous and stressed but thought it would be an adventure so I agreed. Her wedding wasn't until July so I had plenty of time...hahaha..until she moved it up and told me I had a week and a half. WOW! OK! So, with help from my awesome brother, Andy, and my sister-in-law, Kristi, and her sister-in-law, Heather, this is what we came up with.
I think it turned out pretty good for my first cake. Her reception was decorated beautifully and the colors of the cake fit right in. Sharlee looked gorgeous and so happy and I just want to wish them the best! Congratulations Sharlee and Jeff

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday!

WOW! Where does the time go? Makayla just turned 9! She is a pretty terrific little lady. She wanted a tangled, rupunzel tower for her birthday cake.. I went to work and this is what I came up with.
I promised Makayla a party full of fun and friends since I wasn't up to it last year after breaking my leg. Their great big bash is usually when they turn 8... sorry Makayla, I'm a year late.
So, we partied hard at Outer Limits with friends, games, food, and prizes! What a blast!
What a great time we had as family and friends. Thanks for all who came and celebrated this
special with day with us.
Happy Birthday Makayla!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday!

My sweet little boy turned 7! I told Carson to stay little forever and he doesn't want to. He is the sweetest little boy growing up way to fast. He is learning to be a gentleman opening my car doors, learning how to schmooz the ladies! He's only turning 7...not 16! He has plenty of girlfriends chasing him at school!
He is still interested in Camping and Motorcycles...his all time love. His other interests at this stage in his life are playing with his friends, playing the wii and xbox 360, riding  his bike, helping his mom make cookies, and taking his dogs for walks. I love my little guy and I hope he has a fun birthday with his friends and family.
Happy Birthday Carson

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Weekend Fun

The kids and I joined my brother and his family for a fun activity today. We made conversation hearts out of rice krispie treats and marshmellow fondant for Valentine's Day.
They turned out pretty good huh?!
Of course, with every frosting food project, there must always be a frosting war!
  We had a lot of fun and want to say thank you to my brother for inviting us over to make treats!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Makayla wanted to make a robot for her Valentine's Day box for school.
This is what she and I came up with tonight.
I think we did a pretty good job Makayla!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Yep, we are at it again! Party Animals! Andy, Kristi, and their kids joined us for some food and games on this joyous New Year's Eve.

So, my furnace is broken and the only source of heat we have comes from the fireplace upstairs. Kristi put her coat on because she was chilly. While we were playing games, Kristi and I decided to let the dogs in because it was cold outside. She tried to grab Sadie by her collar and take her to my room but Sadie pulled her down. Kristi was laying flat on the ground when I went to grab my camera to take a pic, but then, my cat went PSYCHO!!! She even looks a little CRAZED in this picture!
Molly attacked Kristi while she was down. Philip tried to grab Molly and he got hissed at and scratched pretty good... then, I tried to grab Molly by her neck so she wouldn't do anymore damage and she broke loose from my fingers and bit me in the BUTT! OUCH! I grabbed hold of her and took her downstairs to calm her down. I have no idea what got into her! 
She is the sweetest little kitty ever and she's never done anything like that before!
 She doesn't like the dogs, so the only thing I can figure is that she seen the dogs run by and when she saw Kristi's coat hood over her head that has fur on it, she must have thought it was one of the dogs! 
The kids all sacked out on the floor and watched TOY STORY 3 following the crazy attack while we finished our card game of GARBAGE. 
We later joined them until midnight when it was time to watch the BALL DROP!
After the ball dropped, Carson walked up to me with a face like this one below and says, "mom, that was dumb! I didn't even really get to see the ball!" He was seriously upset about this. was cute but he was sooo unhappy about it!  
Anyway, the joyous events at the Hughes Home! 

I hope everybody has an exciting New Year full of Adventure, Love, Happiness, and Good Fortune! 
*Love You All and Have a Happy New Year*

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Fun!

Every year, John and I throw a Christmas Eve party at our house with our family. We decided to start out our day with a family outing to the mountains to find the snow for some good ol' fashin sledding!

Jessica catching air for the first time... I think?

So we got home around 330 and prepared for the festivities of the night with my family. Everybody had an assignment to come up with a service they could provide for another and at the end of the night they were to be auctioned off. The way to earn points for the auction was to play our fun games.
I made several Bingo cards just like this one with random pictures from things we have done throughout the year.
The kids loved them.. except for little Mason. He was sooo sad cuz he thought I was making "fun of him." I felt so bad! He ran into a cement wall and skiffed up his nose when I took that picture. : (  I felt bad. Other than that little instance, everybody had fun playing Bingo and Blackout with these cards and for each person who won, they earned 15 points.

Our 2nd game came from the Minute-to-Win-It game show on television.
If you have ever watched Minute-to-Win-It, then you know that the games they play are pretty fun but challenging. We prepared a few of those games to play.
The first game was the "Cookie Challenge."
The goal is to get the cookie from your forehead to your mouth using only your facial muscles!
Not an easy task, but so fun watching everybody try. We actually had 4 people out of the 20 that tried it make it into their mouth! Way to go guys!

Our 2nd challenge involved candy canes. You pick a partner and then using a string tied to 1 candy cane, you have to pick up 4 small candy canes alternating back and forth.

Yep! You know it! My mom and I make a great team! Woot! Woot!

Our last challenge was the "Christmas Bulbs." You take your partner and wrap a string around the 2 of you.
Then you place a bulb on the string and you have to rotate your bodies to make the bulb go around on the string all the way back to the beginning and hang it on the christmas tree to earn your points.
My 2 yr old nephew, Wyatt, and 5 yr old nephew, Mason. They did awesome and got it all the way around and on the tree. They were so cute. They make it look so easy... but it's NOT!
Kind of looks like they were belly dancing! :)
We had a great time playing games, eating, laughing, and singing!
I played the piano while Cameron played his guitar for our christimas singing pleasure! :)

Andy read us "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
followed by the Christmas Story from the Bible. It was the perfect ending to a fun night as we left with the spirit of Christmas in our hearts and our Savior's Birth on our minds this special night. The best gift we can give in rememberance of our Savior is our Service. I was so proud of my family for the acts of kindness and things they came up with to offer to others... from tutoring to babysitting and a buddy to hang out with to helping clean rooms. I love this time of year and hope that we may all remember that service is an act of kindness to be done all year long, not just at Christmas time. It's the very thing that will make your heart smile over and over again. :) Love you guys!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yep! It's BROKEN! My mom was walking up my brothers walkway to their door when she missed the step going up. The doc says she broke a bone in her hand and needs to see the ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON this week. I'd give you a close up of the GOOSE EGG on her nogen if the camera would do it justice but it just won't. It's like a mini me growing off the front of her forehead. Sooo sad! I'm sorry mom! I know your pain... in fact, Brayden, Breanna, Wyatt, and I know your pain. This has been A REALLY BAD YEAR for my family and breaking things! I don't know why but I sure hope that 2011 BRINGS BETTER LUCK!!! So Brayden will be getting his cast off his arm tomorrow as mom is getting one on later this week! What luck!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sounds of Christmas!

The coolest part about my kids going to the same school as thier cousins is that I get to see all of their performances.
This is my little Makayla singing a song with actions. I have to say that The Grinch was my favorite song!

Carson's class sang a Christmas Hoe Down and 6 of the kids came out to the front to show us how it's done! It was so adorable to watch Carson do the "dosey doe" with his cute partner Shay. I had a big smile for them!

And here are my nephews Eric, Philip, and my little brother Brayden!

They all did such an awesome job in their program!
Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A day in the snow!

Today was a beautiful day for sledding and snowmobiling! We took the kids to Crystal Summit, our favorite place to go. There's big hills for sledding fun and lots of open area to snowmobile. Carson enjoys to jump with his dad on the snowmobile. This is him sledding down the hill with his "Rock On" fingers!

John's at it again... he is fixing my snowmobile.. I smoked a plug with all my running back and forth draggin the kids back up the hill. These kids have it sooo easy! When I was a kid and wanted to go sledding, we had to walk back up the great big hill that you thought would never end when staring at it from the bottom! But we had so much fun anyway!

Just a couple random pics of Makayla flying down the hill on her sled! 

We had a great time and can't wait to do it again! Hoping to have a beautiful day for Christmas Eve so we can go play again!